What is a Serviced Apartment?

Experience Utmost Convenience with A Serviced Apartment

A relocation, deployment, assignment, or extended stay abroad will be more enjoyable with a serviced apartment, carefully curated by the housing experts at FARAWAYHOME. FARAWAYHOME has found the very best selection of serviced apartments available with stylish decor, desirable amenities, and ideal locations. With a fully furnished apartment, moving in couldn’t be easier. 

Serviced apartments offer superior accommodations and added amenities for less than the cost of staying in a hotel. Senior executives and diplomats prefer the privacy and features of serviced apartments.  Serviced apartments are also known as service apartments or extended stay apartments.


Benefits of a Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments are immediately move-in ready, similar to a regular fully furnished apartment, but also include service features such as room service, apartment cleaning, a concierge, and common areas including gyms, meeting rooms, office centers, and recreation rooms. There are many reasons to select a serviced apartment over a hotel or other rentals options:

Busy professionals prefer the convenience of cleaning services and in-building amenities like gyms and meeting rooms. Having these services in the apartment building works best with their packed schedules. Senior executives and government officials greatly prefer the privacy of a residential building and the restricted access of the common areas. Major corporations offer their senior-most executives the deluxe experience of a serviced apartment over a standard luxury apartment.

Relocating to a new city or country can be challenging as most will be unfamiliar with their new location. Professionals, diplomats, and expats will enjoy the offerings of a serviced apartment while they seek permanent accommodations in their new city. FARAWAYHOME’s  fully furnished service apartments are of the highest quality and in the best locations so you need not fret about where to live at first. With all the furniture, linens, dishware, and appliances you need included in the apartment, you can leave your furnishings in storage- no move-in stress. Selecting a permanent home to purchase is easier when you live in the vicinity. 

Avoid stress and hours of research,  FARAWAYHOME’s housing experts have included only the very best serviced apartments in their listings and offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. Every apartment has been fully verified and comes with high-quality furnishings and deluxe services and amenities. All of FARAWAYHOME’s serviced apartments are located in desirable and convenient neighborhoods.


Convenience of Fully Furnished Serviced Apartment

You will enjoy the convenience of a fully furnished serviced apartment. There is no work required other than selecting the apartment that best suits your taste. In addition to tasteful decor, FARAWAYHOME’s furnished, serviced apartments come equipped with all the household necessities you might need, including dishes, cookware, appliances, premium furniture, linen, towels, lighting and more. Your apartment will be move-in ready from the very moment you arrive for completely stress free experience.

FARAWAYHOME’s serviced apartments also include modern essentials like fast wifi, high-end televisions, premium appliances, in-unit washing machines, quality fridge/freezers, and deluxe coffee or espresso machines.

With a serviced apartment, you’ll have convenient and private access to a gym, meeting rooms, and recreational areas. You’ll also enjoy regular cleaning service and concierge services, both included in a serviced apartment lease.


Short-term, Long-term, and Traditional Serviced Apartment Lease Options

Short-term housing is a great choice for employees relocating for extended business trips. Expats and diplomats typically leverage short-term serviced apartments as a way to settle into a new country while they hunt for a permanent home to purchase. Short-term leases are some nights up to some months in duration.

Long-term apartment leases are ideal for executives or companies with regular business in Germany, or diplomats on assignment or deployment. Long-term leases are usually for several years.

Traditional leases are ideal for anyone looking to relocate to Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London or San Francisco.


Find The Perfect Serviced Apartment

FARAWAYHOME has carefully selected a variety of serviced apartments near business centers, top-rated schools, renowned universities, culinary or shopping hotspots, cultural sites, and scenic parks. FARAWAYHOME can connect you to the best serviced apartments available in  Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London.

You can choose between a serviced apartment in the heart of a major city or a serviced apartment in a quiet suburb. FARAWAYHOME also provides concierge service to better understand your unique situation and needs and will provide numerous serviced apartment suggests, just for you.

FARAWAYHOME’s listings features apartments for every budget- from comfortable furnished apartments without the added extra services to fully furnished luxury apartments for distinguished diplomats or executives and their families. FarAwayHome’s corporate housing selection are ideal for corporations with regular business in Germany.


The Process for Renting A Serviced Apartment from FARAWAYHOME

FARAWAYHOME’s housing experts can help you find the perfect serviced apartment. We have ideal arrangements for singles, couples, and families. FARAWAYHOME can identify several mid- or long-term options that suit your exact personal and professional situation. FARAWAYHOME continues to provide support after the rental has been secured, with on-demand assistance for the entirety of your rental term.

Begin by selecting the serviced apartment that suits your needs. To begin the rental process, you will need copies of your last 3 income statements. You will also need your actual ID or Passport. Obtaining a letter from your most recent landlord and securing liability insurance are also advisable.

You will likely receive the rental agreement in German. We recommend obtaining assistance from a local friend or hiring a translator or lawyer to review the lease.

In Germany, asking for the value of three months rent upfront is the legal limit of advance payment, so do not pay more than that. You will most likely need to wire the required funds to the apartment owner.

Capture every detail, agreement, or stated policy in writing, and thoroughly document the move-in state of the serviced apartment. Take high-quality pictures of the apartment’s details and any damages to the walls, furniture, and floors. Make detailed notes of the serviced apartments inventory (from silverware to hair dryer). Before departing for your new apartment, come to an agreement of how keys will be transferred and how many keys you need. 

Ensure you have the exact address of the apartment, floor, square footage, number of rooms, and the name of the person handing-over the apartment before signing any agreement. Once you move in, the same named person should sign your move-in agreement.

At the end of the move-in, make a copy of the move-in agreement, one for you and the other for the contractor. Give them their copy.

Once you move-in, you have two weeks to register with the German government. Bring your ID or Passport, the rental agreement, and a signed agreement from the actual owner of the apartment to the appropriate government office.



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