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The Long and Short Term Luxury Apartments in London

London’s rich cultural history, its global attraction to workers of all kinds, and its ability to harbour endless fresh experiences within its boundaries make it a truly unique, and truly international city. 

Make this a trip or business stay like no other, with stunning luxury apartments to rent in London, with FARAWAYHOME.


A Home You Won’t Want to Leave Behind 

London is one of the world’s most diverse cities in terms of its people, but also its architecture. Our luxury apartments in London (rent long term or short term) range from stunning terraced Georgian properties (like you’d find at Grosvenor Square in Mayfair) to your classic Edwardian ‘family-style’ homes and ultra-modern, hardwood-and-metal minimalist builds. 

Our luxury apartments in London are designed for those seeking a premium experience. Sure, the location is key, but inside every apartment is its soul: bespoke furniture, designer-led interiors and top of the line amenities like gyms, full-spec kitchens, and ultrafast broadband. 

But for all our luxury apartments in London have in common, they’re also fantastically varied. Some have vaulted ceilings and stone floors, some prioritise remarkable city views or cosy, understated comfort, and many offer that uniquely indulgent sensation usually reserved for hotels. Whatever luxury London accommodation you’re looking for, you’ll find it with us. 


We’re in London’s Most Sought-After Locations 

London has too many boroughs, neighborhoods, nooks and crannies for us to explore them all here. What you need to know is that we provide luxury apartments across the city’s most energetic, revered, and desirable areas. 

  • Mayfair - Mayfair is the beating heart of luxurious London. From two-Michelin-starred restaurants, Grosvenor Square, upmarket hotels and boutiques—Mayfair is truly the pinnacle of class and style in the city. 
  • Covent Garden - Globally renowned for its street entertainment, Covent Garden is also a hub for artisan shops, unique eateries, and rich, cosy apartments. 
  • Canary Wharf - Luxury apartments in central London don’t get any better than those in Canary Wharf. If you’re working here, why not stay here too? This is a thriving urban hub with tonnes of shops, restaurants, cafés, and art exhibitions—it’s incredibly well-located. 
  • Soho - Returning from a long stint at work to the vibrant and eventful scenes of Soho is a cure for any bad day. The area is a social hub with the best nightlife in the entire city. 
  • South Kensington - Probably the most visually attractive residential area in central London, ideal for families. South Kensington is also a cultural heavyweight, boasting the V&A and the Natural History Museums amongst many other attractions. 


FAQs - Luxury Apartments in London

How to find furnished luxury apartments in London?
Since we have beautiful homes all over the city, we recommend starting with a neighborhood or area you like the sound of. Browse apartments from there and see what you find!

How much do luxury apartments cost in London?
By offering such a diverse spread of apartments, we also offer a range of prices. All our rental prices are online, and they vary depending on the size, location, style, and amenities included. What you can depend on is that all of our luxury apartments in London for rent deliver a truly escapist experience. 

How to find cheap luxury apartments in London?
The words ‘cheap’ and ‘luxury’ don’t exactly go hand in hand, but there are more affordable options available. If you look outside of the most exclusive and central spots in the city, you can often find stunning apartments at lower prices. 

Where to look for luxury apartments in London? 

We recommend using our search platform on FARAWAYHOME. You can filter by location or price, look on the map, and see all our latest listings the second they’re uploaded. Just remember to act fast to book your dates before they’re gone! 

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